Public Servant Ignites ‘Little Voice Movement’

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One public servant is leading the charge behind a movement to inspire ideas and empower communities.

The initiative is called the ‘Little Voice Movement’ and it’s based on the children’s book ‘Little Voice’ by Amanda Bernardo from Parks Canada, which she wrote and self published last year:


The book aims to help children be confident, creative, ambitious and proud of who they are by listening to their inner voice and drawing from their inner strength.

The newly launched Little Voice Movement is about, “inspiring children, adults, teachers, parents and entire communities to listen to their little voice. There is no age limit, no time limit, simply a commitment to inspire others.”

How to Join the Movement

To join the Movement, one just has to register to become a Little Voice Ambassador. By registering, Ambassadors can then create their own inspirational movement in their community.

Whether they choose to support a school, an important cause, or someone’s future, Little Voice donates $5 dollars from every book sale that Ambassadors have made to support their movement.

So far, the book has raised close to $7,000 for the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Little Voice continues to donate a portion of every book sale to the Alzheimer Society of Canada while supporting the many more movements of Little Voice Ambassadors across Canada.

The Story Behind Little Voice

The idea for Little Voice originated after Bernardo graduated university and was faced with career uncertainty.

That prompted Bernardo to express herself through poetry about lack of confidence and life uncertainty.

It wasn’t until she began volunteering with the Ottawa Network for Education and reading to children that she realized that they were also struggling with the same issues, as can anyone of any age.

She then went back to one of the poems she had written and decided to turn it into a children’s book.

And thus, Little Voice was born.

Other Links

Learn more about the Little Voice Movement here.

Register to become a Little Voice Ambassador by clicking here.


Watch Amanda Bernardo speak about creativity and innovation in a Future Leaders of Ontario minute mentoring segment here:

Watch the television announcement for the Little Voice Movement here:

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