Public Servants Get Real About Diversity in the Public Service

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Yesterday was Canadian Multiculturalism Day, which the Clerk and departments/agencies were promoting awareness of online:

The topic of diversity in the public service has been a recurring one this month.

First, Public Works and Government Services Canada produced a short video starring public servants titled, “Show Your Colours” to promote awareness around fighting homophobia and transphobia:

Secondly during National Public Service Week, the Clerk was direct with his remarks during his first television interview when he stated that, “the public service has work to do in all aspects of diversity, frankly.”

This was followed by public servants continuing an honest and open discussion on diversity in the public service, as it was the theme for this month’s LeadersGC event.

This month’s LeadersGC was co-hosted by Christine Donoghue, President of the Public Service Commission.

When public servants were asked which HR tools are needed so that leaders at all levels can benefit from inclusion in the workplace, many public servants responded by saying that staffing processes need to be reevaluated so that hiring managers can ‘cast a wider net’ and hire based on best fit.

The Public Service Commission did recently launch the new direction in staffing on April 1, meant to give hiring managers more flexibility and the ability to tailor staffing requirements according to their own unique business needs.


Question 1) The terms diversity and employment equity are often used interchangeably. What is the difference between them?

Question 2) With Canada’s changing demographics, do you think that employment equity groups reflect Canadian society?

Question 3) What are the risks of not adopting an approach that encourages diversity and inclusion at work?

Question 4) Tell us about how your contribution through your own diverse identity has led to a successful outcome at work.

Question 5) What are some ways to effectively manage the challenges associated with diversity in a team?

Question 6) What action is the public service taking to foster an inclusive workplace and increase the understanding of diversity?

Question 7) What HR tools are needed so that leaders at all levels can benefit from inclusion in the workplace?

Question 8) What kind of efforts and initiatives would you personally undertake to ensure a commitment to diversity and inclusion?

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Read the official Storify from the LeadersGC chat on diversity in the public service by clicking here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think more discussion needed on implicit biases and prejudice, and the difficulties we have in being mindful of these in our various decision processes. Good article in the HBR Also highly recommend that all take the Implicit Association Test that makes one more mindful of these biases.

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